Vitamins. Taste shitty, but benefit you in the end.

Some quick food for thought for you on this beautiful Thursday afternoon.

As I was rushing out of my apartment today my vitamins caught my eye. I hadn’t taken them in a few days so I decided to pop a few in my mouth.

As I swallowed fish oil and Echinacea I thought to myself “the vitamins are right there, you just have to take them.”
It seems so simple, yet I take my vitamins only a couple times a week.
I think that is true about life as well. Except in life, the vitamins represent opportunity and experience.

I skip my vitamins because I am “so busy and forgot”, and lets be honest, they taste like shit. In life, I have skipped opportunities because I “didn’t have time”, because it “doesn’t seem worth it”, or because I “didn’t feel like it”.

In reality, how hard is it for me to stop for one second in the morning to open my jar of vitamins and take a few out?

Vitamins, but more importantly opportunities present themselves to us each day. We must slow down and make time to take our vitamins. To accept opportunities, in turn allowing ourselves to make the most of life.

Ask yourself. How hard is it to take one day, or even an hour out of our whole lives to swallow our vitamins, to take a chance, and to accept opportunity into our lives?


The song “Let Her Go” by Passenger has really hit home for me recently.

“You only need the light when it’s burring low.

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

Only know you love her when you let her go.

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low.

Only hate the road when you’re missing home.”

I love that this song blatantly exposes comparisons that people make everyday. I think it is easy for us to forget that people, themselves, and situations should be taken separately, and judged in their own context. Because I am me, you are you, and today is today.

We live life in a constant state of comparisons, forever equating ourselves to others in order to evaluate our self-worth. This needs to end.

It is not an easy thing to evaluate yourself or a situation in solely in itself because of how strongly society roots self-worth, and situational-worth in associations. We must let go of these comparisons, because the only fair way to evaluate yourself is in terms of yourself.

When I compare myself to the girl next to me in class I wonder why my hair can’t be as shiny as hers, why she is a better athlete than me, and why she scored one point higher on the test than I did. The problem with this is that we are each our own person, and it is unfair to compete with or compare ourselves to anyone beside ourselves. This kind of thinking bring us down, creating an unnecessary lower sense of self and self-worth. Do you understand the negativity that is associated with this kind of perception?

When I look at myself in isolation of others I see a motivated person, someone who is stronger than she was yesterday, who can run a mile further than last month, and someone who has come a very long way from who she was a few years ago. This is the kind of comparison that should be used, the kind that gives us strength, hope and determination. I am not perfect, and by no means am I always able to do this. However, I encourage you to try this with me, let us take this journey together.

You are not beautiful because you look better than the girl next to you. You are beautiful because you are beautiful. Self-hate and self-defeating tendencies root in unrealistic and unnecessary comparisons to other people.  In order to find peace, we must reject these comparisons, and look solely inward at ourselves.



Pensive of Eternity


Pensive of Eternity

A malicious sanctuary,
enslaving perpetual reruns
that long for evanescence.

A Pensive to store and ponder the unwanted,
eternally holding unsought agony.
To reminisce the past,
yet simultaneously amass the future.

Each one incarcerating difference,
derived from separate withholders.

Preserving what its subordinates see,
imprisoning each occurrence without verdict.

Sustain sanity, for-
eyes will never turn off,
the mind will never shut down,
and callous memories will never be forgotten.

“The sun sets each day, putting the past to rest. Look forward to the sunrise, for living in the present is the only way to true happiness.” I try to live by this quote each day, to look past the imperfections in my life and focus on the abundant beauty that greatly overpowers the negativity. As I sit here today, I remember my journey, and the struggles I overcame to acquire such a positive mentality.

I am writing this blog not only to express myself, but also to share my experiences, life lessons and healthy mentality. It is my hope that through my stories, poems and photography that I can connect with and empower others to not only love the life they live, but more importantly, to love themselves.

Spread love.